Sitz Logo 8148

Sitz Logo 8148

  • An absolutely fan favorite of the 2019 Fall Sitz bull sale and $35,000 Top Selling Logo Son. An absolute gem for so many high-quality traits needed for todays beef business. Stems from a fantastic Pathfinder dam from the highly productive Barbaramere Nell cow family and the calving ease sire Logo who is #1 HP, one of the elite bulls in the Angus breed to $M.

  • With performance, WR 119, YR 116 and excellent body length and shape “Logo 8148” has the potential to outperform his sire and become his replacement. We are very excited about this young stand out and he will see extended use in our program.

  • Posted an excellent PAP score in a herd that has been testing for over 16 years and “8148” was at the top end of his class with a 34. His feet, legs and disposition are top shelf which will add longevity and fault free cattle with less issues for years down the road.

  • If you are looking for progeny that will perform, keep mature cow size in check, add muscle, carcass, and keep the fertility and productivity in your cows this is a bull you need to use.

  • View full pedigree and current EPDs here!


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